Oven baked daikon seasoned with soy sauce and butter

Prepping the daikon in the microwave before baking helps maintain a juicy, tender texture.



(for 2)

daikon, 250 g (1/2 lb.), peeled and cut into 2 cm wide quarters

bacon, 2 slices, cut into thin strips

olive oil, 1 tbsp

garlic, 1 clove, minced

soy sauce, 1 tsp

salt, to taste

butter, 1 tbsp

toppings (use any or all):

green onion, chopped

black sesame

lemon juice


1 Heat the daikon in the microwave for 5 minutes or until tender enough to poke easily with a toothpick. Drain off any excess water after heating.

2 Pre-heat the oven to 430 degrees F.

3 Cook the garlic and olive oil in a frying pan over a low flame until the aroma of the garlic is strong. Add the bacon and daikon and cook until the daikon just starts to brown.  Don’t stir too much.

4 Add the soy sauce and salt (optional) and then the butter. After the butter has melted, transfer everything to an oven-safe dish. Arrange so that the daikon slices are as flat as possible and not piled up.

5 Bake uncovered at 430 degrees for 10 minutes. When the entire top surface is lightly browned and there are some crispy parts, it is done.

6 Top with green onions, black sesame, lemon juice, etc.