Komatsuna o-hitashi

This is a good dish to make ahead and eat as a side dish for several meals. It goes well with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It can also be served individually as an appetizer.

komatsuna, 1 bag

hondashi (powdered fish stock), 1/3 tsp

soy sauce, 1/2 tsp

carrot, optional

(1) Boil the komatsuna 5~6 minutes.

(2) Plunge the boiled komatsuna into cold water to cool it quickly.

(3) Remove, squeeze out excess water and cut into 1~2 inch lengths.

(4) Combine hondashi and soy sauce.

(5) In a bowl, mix komatsuna and hondashi/soy sauce together.

(6) Eat as is, or chill first.

Can be topped with shaved bonito flakes, sesame, etc.

Hondashi can be found in most Asian food supermarkets. If unavailable, chicken stock can be substituted, though it won't taste as authentically Japanese. As a vegan option, a stock can be made from konbu seaweed or shiitake mushrooms.