Komatsuna 小松菜

About komatsuna:

This nutritious and versatile hardy winter vegetable is one of the representative Japanese vegetables. Smaller and more delicate than mustard greens, with a flavor similar to spinach, the straight, long deep green leaves have a light green stem. Komatsuna contains more vitamin C and carotene than spinach, and is believed to have cancer-fighting properties.

Komtsuna can be harvested at any stage and prepared like spinach in the early stages and more like cabbage as they mature. The flavor grows stronger and hotter the longer the leaves mature. This versatile green can be stir-fried, pickled, boiled and added to soups or used fresh in salads. You can also stir-fry the roughly chopped leaves lightly in vegetable (or olive oil) with a little garlic, salt and black or red pepper.

Our varieties:

We grow 4 different varieties of komatsuna, including three imported from Japan.

Harvest season:

We try to harvest komatsuna year-round, except for the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Komatsuna recipes