Creamy komatsuna soup

Even kids who hate green vegetables will ask for seconds of this soup!


Komatsuna (1 bunch)
Onion (1/2)
Potato (1)
Milk (250 cc)
Water (250 cc)
Butter (1 tbsp)
Chicken bouillon (1 cube)
Dried laurel (1 leaf)
Salt and black pepper (to taste)

How to make it:

(1) Cut the komatsuna into 1 inch long pieces; slice the potato and onion thinly.
(2) Melt the butter in a pan; sauté the onion until tender, then add the komatsuna and cook a little longer. Add the potato and stir until the butter has coated all the ingredients. Add the water, bouillon and laurel and bring to a low simmer.
(3) When the potato is tender, remove the laurel and mix in a blender until smooth. (Mixing well produces better results).
(4) Return the soup to the pan, add milk, salt and pepper. Serve hot.

* For a richer, creamier soup, add a little cream after turning off the flame in step (4).