Japanese eggplant sauteed with miso paste and shiso

Another Japanese summer staple--the shiso gives this dish a cooling effect, while the miso provides stamina on hot days.


This is made from the small Japanese eggplants—they tend to be softer than the large Italian varieties, and can be eaten as is.



eggplant, 4 or 5 small Japanese variety, sliced lengthwise (don’t peel)

shiso, 10 leaves, cut into thin strips

miso, 2 tbsp

vegetable oil

Japanese sake, 2 tbsp (white wine or water can be substituted)

sugar, 2 tbsp

sesame oil 1/4 tsp




(1) Mix the miso, sake, and sugar and set aside.

(2) Rub the sliced eggplant in vegetable oil until well coated.

(3) Saute eggplant in vegetable oil until soft, about 4 or 5 minutes

(4) Add shiso and mix.

(5) Add the miso/sake/sugar and mix well with the eggplant while sautéing.

(6) When it becomes a little thick, add sesame oil.

(7) Serve hot or cold with rice.

Can be made saltier or sweeter to taste—feel free to experiment!